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Sound cutting out on 2008 legacy gt


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Hey everyone,


When I got in my car the other day and had the keys in the on position I was listening to the stereo and it just randomly stopped playing sound and made a few clipping noises. Also, the actual stock headunit was making noises like it was trying to change a cd...but I was listening to FM radio. Everything is stock. Later when I got back into the car everything was normal. Just wondering if anyone knows what might be the issue.



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Might as well check both ground straps on the under body of the car, either side of the engine. Passenger is to the exhaust manifold right in front of the AFR sensor. I've heard some really funky things happening if they're not there.


Attached is a picture of where it is, there should be another strap on the other side of the engine. Yours will NOT look identical to this. Mine was broken, so I made this as a replacement really quick.



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