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Winding odometer forward to match current k's

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if you remover the speedo from the cluster,

and you ''pop'' up one end of the ''locking'' rod, the left end for ''thousands'', on the top front of the speedo, just above the numbers,

you can then rotate the ''unlocked'' numbers forward ( or back) until you get to where you need to be.

i suggest you NOT try to get it exact,

but you can get it close, within about 5k or so.

then snap the ''locking'' rod back in place.


try and make sure all numbers are centered equally in the display before you lock them down.

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PS: the speedo needle is VERY fragile.


and almost impossible to replace and get an accurate speedo.


Yes, the gauge needles tend to get more brittle with age. I had to glue the one back together on my '88 Nissan 'speedo after I broke it.

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