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AFR pain


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well this has been an utter pain in the arse, not to mention a pain in the wallet. the upstream O2 sensor crapped out in the past, so I replaced it. been doing tuning with cryo. we noticed recently that the AFR would show a constant 14.7 regardless of throttle position. once heated up (maybe after 3-5 minutes of driving) it would start fluctuating as it should and read fine. so assuming it was faulty, i went and bought a brand new genuine subaru denso afr replacement yesterday, installed it this morning and it has EXACTLY the same symptoms.


its an JDM '07 LGT. have i hit murphy's law and got 2 x dead AFR's? or by any random chance would this happen to be by design? i wouldn't have thought so, but then why would it not fluctuate until the cars warmed up? (and when it is warmed up, it works fine) i'm a bit gutted at spending $380 on a new AFR when it appears the old may have been just fine. I can't for the life of me recall seeing the AFR reading when first starting the car before the tune so don't know if its always done it or just started doing it.


any ideas?

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