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While I had the engine out of my '06 OB 2.5i I noticed that it is secured to the cradle via the puck like water filled mounts that Subaru used for a few years.


My question is when they fail (which they tend to do over time) am I able to swap on the the older square style mounts? Do all EJ25x engines use the same mounts?


Pic of Puck Mount:





Pic of Older Square Style:



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My 2005 Outback had the one piece plastic mounts shown in the top pic. I was an idiot and broke both when I removed the engine. (They tend to break when you leave the bolt in and use an engine hoist) I switched mine for the older STi style Group N 2 piece mount. The benefit I can see is the steel bracket looks stronger than the plastic and the rubber portions can be purchased from Rock Auto for $20 each brand new. As long as you have the steel brackets it's a very cheap upgrade over stock mounts. They bolted directly up and fit perfectly with no issues when the engine was re-installed. Highly recommended if you have to take an engine out anyway.
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