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Blouch 16g ball bearing turbo

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That's not bad at all. Allot more top end power? Sounds about what the vf40s spool


Again, that's all dependent on a number of factors, however, my rebuilt (and upgraded) VF40 comes on before 2500. Bigger turbos require more exhaust velocity to spool and make boost, which means your engine speed must be higher to begin with.


Personally, if you're in the market for a new turbo, and want a solid upgrade without having to spend a good chunk on fuel upgrades, I suggest you talk to JmP6889928. He rebuilt my 40 with a billet wheel, and I'm very satisfied with my power output now, even on wastegate boost.


Send him a PM, talk to him about you're looking for, and I'm pretty sure you will like at least one of his options, which, in the future, will include a ball bearing 40 version.

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That sounds like a great idea. About how much did that run you? What all did he upgrade in your vf40?


If this is what you're looking at, I can tell you that the turbo alone is definitely less than that one. Additionally, expect savings on top-engine upgrades, as that's an STi-style turbo, meaning, you'll need an STI intake manifold and TMIC, plus all the other stuff that goes with that - More headache and money than it's really worth, and not as simple as just a straight turbo upgrade.


As I understand it, the biggest upgrade is the billet wheel, however, there are some other things inside that fix/solve many of the oiling issues a standard OEM VF40 would have.

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