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1st track day in JDM GT spec.B

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I had my first ever track day last Sunday :D

A local Subaru and Alfa Romeo dealer organised it at quite a small track not too far away... I had my lad and 2 of his mates in the car. They seemed to enjoy themselves anyway :lol:

Taking it very easy on the first couple of laps - the black STi that overtakes me early on was a buddy with a well sorted track focused motor... He gave me lots of encouragement and advice prior to the event :cool:



At the end of that video it wasn't us crashing :lol: the phone mount had got bored and detatched itself from the windscreen. My lad then held the phone to continue the video - he said it was a tough abdominal workout trying to keep the phone pointing out the front ;)




Got black flagged for holding the mobile when the marshalls eventually noticed - DOH! :p

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