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Alright its brake time

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So its finally time to put some slightly better stopping power under the car since I'm running a fair amount more power then stock at this point.


The plan is to put my first gen turbo calipers on my car in the front and then leave the rears alone aside from better pads and rotors obviously. I want something that isn't going to rust and look like shit after a month on the car as well. I know the new calipers take a 276x24mm rotor but I don't even know where to start looking to make sure I get something that isn't complete crap. And I also need matching rotors for the rear.


Can anyone point me in the right direction on any of this?

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look up "brake bias", there's an excel file somewhere that will help you. This is important especially if you're braking around corners and such at high speed.


right now I'm doing '04 WRX fronts with stock rear drums (soon to match the fronts)


cars101.com has all the info on which cars came with which brakes


that popular first gen forum whose name I don't remember probably has some good info on which rotors to use with those calipers.


i wound up going with these rotors: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ebc-usr729/overview/year/2004/make/subaru/model/impreza


I wasn't thrilled with the reviews about EBC, but they were literally the only affordable slotted rotors I could find last Spring. I didn't want slotted AND drilled, just slotted for reliability reasons.


Not sure how they look since I have obtrusive steel wheels on, from what I can tell with a flashlight the surface looks great while the grooves may have some discoloration.


I painted my calipers with silver exhaust spray paint and they won't win any awards, but at least they haven't discolored. If you're going to take the calipers apart to rebuild or something, you should paint or powder coat them then. Cooking the calipers (to cure the paint) can result in cracked seals. But then I cook my calipers all the time on the mail route, lol. Look up powder coating vs. painting, there's a good debate about which is better.

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