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MPG needle swinging

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Any idea what might cause this? Driving down the road the little needle for the mpg gauge swings back and forth about 1/4 of an inch. I initially thought it was a vacuum leak, but I did a smoke test and it looks good.

Also, the tuner I'm working with said the scaling for the intake isn't normal for a KSTech 73mm. I'm thinking it might be related.

I've cleaned the MAF, checked the vacuum lines, and looked for fuel leaks. I'm running DW 1000 injectors and 65 fuel pump if it helps.


Anyone else experience this?

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It's all the time...


Oh ok... mine swings a little when I get low on gas but after I fill up it goes back to normal. So im not sure what your issue is... maybe someone else with the issue will chime in


04 JBP STI (sold)

07 DGM Legacy GT (RIP)


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