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How much longer for my clutch

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So today my brother In laws car broke down and I had to tow it back up the hill. I know terrible idea. When we came to stop we had to go again. But when I did start to go my clutch started to roast!!!! We're talking smoke and all!! Like holy crap haha. Anyways that's the first and only hard thing it's taking. No launch or anything. Maybe 25k miles on the clutch. How long would you say it would last?
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I'm in for 23,695 miles @ an average of 30 mph. If you can sustain an average of 60 mph then you should get closer to 54,201.5 miles.


I used my clutch life calculator to come up with these figures. If you'd like a copy let me know.

10' CTS-V, A6, Airraid, 2.4 upper, ID850's, self tuned.


SOLD:06' LGT Wagon. BNR16G, Catless UP, DOWN, Hexmods VB, Hexmods diff bushings, BIG TMIC.

Best 0-60: 4.651 by AP

1/4= 13.678@100.73 mph, 1.945 60', Automatic transmission.

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Terrible info please disregard any clutch calculator tool or reference in the future:lol:



Anyway we cant tell you how much longer your clutch will last as we dont know your driving habits, terrain or exact state your clutch is in now. However you can do two simple free tests:


5th gear test: In 5th on the highway drop your speed down to around 35-40MPH then floor it, if your RPM rise quickly but your speed doesn't you probably need to think about replacing it. You use 5th gear or 4th as these are not torque cut gears(1st-3rd) but power cut (ratios wise).


Visual inspection: there is a rubber grommet on the top of the gearbox where the fork inserts. pull it back and use a flashlight to look at the width of the clutch disc.


If you do both tests and have favorable results you probably have glazed your clutch disc :)


To fix this, launch it a few times. Yes launching can be helpful ;)

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