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Power Steering return side hose leak

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So after tearing out the exhaust manifold and getting completely filthy trying to clean out all the oil. I managed to locate the leak in my power steering.


If anyone wants to use the method I did to locate the leak, get a drill or air wrench. Hook up 17 socket to the front of the power steering pump and turn it with the drill/wrench clockwise. I had to use a universal joint due to the angle so it wasn't exactly ideal but it worked very well to keep pressure in the unit. Then turn the steering wheel left and right while the pump is being turned as well. Obviously this takes three people, with one more under it to look for the leak.


So long story short, where the rubber hose meets the metal hose on the return side it's leaking out of that. Now the question is, how do I replace this? or am I going to have to fashion a new one haha. I tried finding whole hoses online but I didn't find any for the return line, only the pressure side. The leak isn't huge, but after about 2-3 months it'll leak almost completely empty. Any suggestions?

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I think I attached a picture of where the leak is. I guess I'll just try and contact one of these parts that came up in the search. Is the outback model different? I know the ratios are different for steering in the outbacks, but outback models are coming up in this search.


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