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OBX Sedan Exhaust on my Wagon?

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Hey guys, I bumped an old thread on this topic that I found on google in the Intake/Exhaust section, but I feel as though no one looks through that section of the forum.


I'm wondering if my Wagon will be perfectly compatible with the Sedan version of the exhaust. I really do not like the style of the wagon OBX exhaust, and I can't comprehend why they felt it necessary to change the mufflers on the Wagon version to tiny, straight through, blaring loud soda cans. I can extend the tips on the Sedan version to look nice on my Wagon with no issue, I just need to know that the Sedan exhaust mounting points are identical to the Wagon exhaust mounts. To me, they look very similar, but some hangars are facing different directions.


TL;DR: Will an OBX Sedan Exhaust with extended muffler tips fit perfectly on my Wagon?


Thanks guys! :)

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Yes they are the same except for the extended tips which you already knew about.

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