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Navigation not reading DVD?


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im new around here, and don't know if there was a topic for this (i did try to search but with no luck)


So i bought a MY03 JDM Legacy GT twin scroll and i got into some troubles already.


Main thing is the factory navigation.


i have the OEM Japan DVD that came with the car.


i also have a European DVD that i accuired myself.


the problem is that first i popped in the euro DVD and it did not load it..


okay, i thought there must be something wrong with the DVD and it does not support it.


but then i deiced to try out the japan DVD (it should mess around with dates and time setups and so on, but i wanted to see what it looks like)


but it does not even read that OEM factory DVD?


any idea why?


previous owner said he had tried the factory DVD and it worked normally.

you could not navigate in europe with that, but it loaded it.

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