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1998 Postal?


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I've been working up the years on the Subarus, up to 1985.. and my research and CL trolling has led me to the opportunity for a 1998 Postal Legacy..



I don't know much about these [er, Legacy in general] other than basic history, but seems like a good starting point for the platform, regardless of where you drive from.


I've gone as far as taking a test drive and initial inspection..


220k, Check engine light on, temp gauge steady at 1/2, no apparent oil/water mix, levels good. No clacking sound, but fresh oil smell. after running. Some oil spots that look recent (20K or so). All the electrics work. Drove without issues outside of rh disorientation.


I've tried to separate the rh aspect from pricing, but it all bolts in about the same, eh? Anyway, they were asking 1500 online, but in person they acknowledge 'it needs work' and it does.


What would you be offering them? I'm also new to OBD, but from that list it looks like a lot of things could be triggering that lamp that aren't fatal.

Interior is about 75% unused, and I'm not looking for beauty, but usefulness (mountains, winter, job requiring me being somewhere else)



Lots of wrench turning, yes. But not too insurmountable?


Anyone who'd like to chime in on that whole right-side-of-car thing is welcome as well. Many countries that's just normal. In the US, though..



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