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Possible Upgrades?


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Hey guys. new to the forum. As most newcomers I have been learning a lot about my car thanks to you guys. but I have a few questions if you guys don't mind. I would like to change some basic parts on my car. Here are the things i've had in mind but couldn't get answers to.


Would the Kouki non HID headlights from Japan work for my car as I have heard that they need the actual JDM side fenders and Hood. Or can I just swap them in?


Can the same be said for the JDM hood with the hoodscoop?


And this one is probably a stretch but can I change my instrument cluster with an 05 legacy instrument cluster or is the wiring too different?


This one is even more of a stretch but can I swap in an impreza wheel assembly with cruise control?


I hope these questions can get answered so i know what i Can and cant do. And if you guys have any alternatives that would be greatly appreciated.

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