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buying a legacy with 300k


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So I'm kinda in a tough spot. my 98 brighton bent a valve and I can't afford to repair it and don't have means to do it myself. I'm looking at used market and right now I went to used dealer all of his car where highmilage like 200k and up and still looked rough cosmetically. However the dealer does go through them and fixes headgaskets and new tire and everything.

so I'm looking at 96 brighton with a lift, and 300k on the clock. timing belt was done 30k ago. I drove it and it accelerated better than my old brighton and went up to and over 80 fine. I dind't notice any weird noise or feel in the tranny. everything looked clean no leaks or anything. So my worry is the milage. Can I expect to get another 100k no problems or is it just not possible.

2.2L engine by the way

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