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UFC Gym Forum Discount!!

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Hey guys, I'm not sure I am able to post like this but if not, please delete! Been a member here for a while now,so I do not mean to break rules if this is not allowed!!


Anyways If anyone is interested in a Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA gym, then let me know and I can get you a LGT discount! I am the general manager at a UFC Gym, and have access to sign you up via phone or email and allow you to use any UFC Gym in the country. Check out our website to see what we are all about. You burn 1000 calories in each 1 hour class, and are taught by amatuer and pro fighters!




Make sure to go through me to receive the forum discount!

Email me @Norwalkgm@ufcgym.com

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Yeah man, the biggest thing we here from new members is that they are just sick of the same boring routine. This really makes it fun, yet intense, and you are learning a ton in each class. It is typically $99 a month for unlimited classes, but with the forum discount I can do it for anyone for $74 a month. Feel free to email me or PM me with any more questions!
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