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Question for Suspension Gurus - coils up front, stock in the rear


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I know this sounds odd, but a bit of back story--one of my rear coils broke, and I'm trying to get the car back on the road.


For now, I would like to just leave the front coils and install a new set of rear shocks. Let's just go with KYB oem-style replacements with a set of stock LGT springs. I run my front coils fairly high, and while the rear might be a touch higher I don't think the overall rake would be an issue.


That said, what would the overall handling characteristics be like? Obviously I'm not gonna be tossing the car around with this setup, just trying to get it back to drivable and trying to get a sense of whether or not it will at least be fairly safe.


Thanks in advance.

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Not currently in stock :(

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Should be fine for a temporary setup.


-Mike Paisan



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