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Warning about GTspec

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I Ordered a Legacy 05-09 GTspec under tray on July forth. The Company i purchased it through was told they had it in stock and would be drop shipped to me.

Two weeks go by and we ask about it. They tell us they are being produced and will take another 3-4 weeks before they ship out. So i wait.

The fourth week we ask again and they say it will be done by the end of the week and shipped out early the following.

Contacted my retailer yesterday which is two weeks later. He goes back and asks Gtspec again. This is their response to a part that was supposed to be already shipped.


If they can get an order for 8 more then the ETA is 90 days.


This is a horrible way to do business. why couldn't they just say they had an order quota or something other than lying to their customer.

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I had a similar issue trying to get my hands on LGT (05-09) Q300 exhausts for the last 2+ months. Everyone advertised sales everywhere (web pages, phone, PM, ebay, etc) across North America, and nobody actually had it in stock. In fact, they literally JUST finished making a scheduled batch of them last week at Invidia.


I ordered mine over a month and a half ago, still waiting.

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On July 4th they told my supplier they had them in stock and would ship them out after the holiday. We have been told several times that it was being produced and would be shipped.

If i had know it takes 8 from the get go i would have tried a group buy or something but they led me on for almost 2 months. Seriously bad business practice on gtspecs side.

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