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Subaru doesn't make fuel line I need, what next?

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Hi All. I'm finishing up a motor swap on my Obxt. Went to hook up the three fuel lines in the engine bay and found one cracked. For reference, line #2 in linked illustration




Figured no big deal, went to autozone and bought fuel hose of the same diameter. Issue is that the ends of the fuel line I took off the car are two different sizes, so its not as easy as just getting some line from a parts store. I called the dealer and they said the line is no longer offered (when it was, it cost $31!). They are going to call Subaru tomorrow (apparently the company is closed today) to see if anything can be done but it doesnt sound like it


Any suggestions? Guess I could get one from a junk yard but would prefer not to.Any stores or online retailers you know of that do custom hoses?

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