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Transmission quill or snout repair kit

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Well, I did the search, and didn't find anything here in the 94 to 98 second generation sub forum, so here goes.


My car is a 99 OB 5 speed with 216k miles, and there was a squeaking whenever the clutch was depressed.


I pulled the engine today in preparation for a clutch replacement. The flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch disc were ok, the disc having roughly 50% of it's life left. However, the pilot bearing was seized, and the throwout bearing was noisy when spun by hand and was missing both clips. (The previous owner may have had the clutch replaced (they were incapable of doing the work themselves) and the installer may have re used the throwout and pilot bearings.)


The tranmission quill, or snout, was very heavily worn. I believe this was due to the throwout bearing spinning on the quill due to the absense of the clips. And age too.


I have found two kits that sleave the remains of the quill, and use a slightly oversize throwout bearing. Here are links to the kits:


This second one is sold through one of the official Subaru Lageacy Forums vendors.



Anyone here in the Second Generation forum used a sleeve kit?

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I got the car back together last night with a quill repair installed. Sorry, no pictures. Didn't want to get the camera dirty.


The kit I purchased was the Six Star Clutch Sleeve Repair Kit purchased from All Wheel Drive Auto, chosen mainly based on the total price to get it here. (One place I checked wanted over $36 just for handling and shipping USPS Priority Mail.)


It looked like all the kits were the same except for the labels on the box. The only downside of the Six Star kit, and this may apply to all kits now available, is that the "special" throwout bearing was removed from it's original wrapping and packed in a sealed bag. If I ever need another throwout bearing I'll have to either do a lot of research or buy the Six Star one. I know some of the other kits charge $75 for replacement throwout bearings, while aftermarket standard ones can be under $25.


The kit was worth installing. My clutch works more smoothly than it ever has. Where I used to have trouble on occasion smoothly launching the car from a stop, which really hurt my ego, now it's creamy smooth.


This repair, although rather expensive for what it is, is highly effective. Just don't get me started on how I feel about transmissions with aluminum quills integral to the case that are not serviceable or replaceable.

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