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Just drive meet (626)


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Hey guys, my name is Moe and I'm a car enthusiast who is seeking to bring together a community of like-minded people who share the same passion. I've ran a few meets so far and am trying to reach out to fellow car enthusiasts in order to inform them of a local place where all cars, domestic, import, or otherwise are welcome. I know that some meets have their own niche's like featuring only slammed, or JDM, or track ready, or Domestic cars. What I want for this particular meet is a mix of all those aspects so that drivers who don't usually get the opportunity to experience the vast variety of what drivers and modders have to offer get the chance to see what's out there. This meet will be monthly and on the last Sunday of every month. The meet is from 6pm-9pm.



Here's where we are going to be:


1. 3157 W. Gladstone St. Glendora, CA


2. We are in a 3 story parking structure. (There will be plenty of room. Will fit 200 cars



Rules: We want this meet to run for as long as possible. So please be respectful to the

owners of the lot. Don't burn our spot.


1. No High Revving, No Burnouts, No Excessive Speeding near the location.


2. Be respectful to your fellow drivers and their cars.





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Few photos I took at our last meet.









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It's tonight guys the very last Just Drive meet!


Usually we do a cruise up Gmr after the meet but a lot of us have work or school tomorrow morning. So we decided to have a cruise before the meet!


Cruise time 5:00pm


Meet Time: 7:30-9:00pm


E Gladstone St

Glendora‎ CA‎ 91740

United States



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