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Clutch issues


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I have a 2003 L SE Sedan, BE chassis. I started to notice after long highway drives that my clutch pedal would have a lot of free play, but after getting off the highway and pumping the clutch, it seems to go back to normal. Well, now it's progressed to the point where the clutch just sticks to the floor. I tried adding fluid because the clutch master cylinder reservoir was below min, but that didn't really make a difference. When I extended the pushrod on the slave cylinder, I did see air bubbles in the master reservoir, albeit not that many. That didn't make a difference either. I'm just looking for some direction on whether I need to bleed the system or start replacing things.



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Air is not good. But also heat may be a factor. My 00' GT would do that if I had to sit in traffic after a long highway drive. You can try and make a heat shield for the slave cylinder.

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