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Pulled OEM stereo and Painted Bezels.


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Just got my first legacy and completed my first work on it. Thought I'd show it off. I wish I had taken some before pics of the stereo and transmission bezels. Whomever owned this before cleaned the bezels with something that ate some of the "goldish" coloring off the plastic. Lets just say the whole thing was polka dotted gold and black. Since I was pulling out the OEM stereo anyways it was time to fix the color. I used Flat Black Plasti Dip. It gives it a great texture. I also mounted my phone holder to it permanently. The power supply's cable for the phone is ran under the center console from the 12v supply in the arm rest console. You can see the Arm rest console also has paint eaten off the top of it. That will be the next fix.


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