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Factory AM/FM & sat antenna connectors below OEM head unit - pictures


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Picture showing the factory antenna connectors below the OEM HU:


With some OEM HUs, there are also one or more "feeder cords" which extend from those connectors to the ones on the rear of the HU.


In the case of the base level PE645U1, PE605U6, and 2010-2012 OEM Kenwood navigation (DVD based), the HU has a long "pigtail" cable which reaches the Subaru AM/FM connector at the floor.


HU models with built-in XM have a feeder cord which attaches to the green Sumitomo sat radio antenna connector.


Cable with pink FAKRA connector is the HU end of a pre-installed segment of a second sat radio antenna cable. That is for the antenna that Subaru sticks inside the windshield (at upper right corner) when you add a separate Sirius or XM tuner module (for HUs without built-in sat capability). The far end of the cable is behind the map light cluster (above the center mirror). In some earlier models, it ended at the top of the driver's A pillar. The windshield sat antenna has a shorter cord which plugs into that.


Here's the entire car's roof cord for 2011-2013 Legacy (Subaru P/N 86325AJ72A):


The end near the bottom of the picture is what you see below the HU. Each of those boxes are 60" (5 feet, or ~1.5 m) long. There are no interconnects -- all of the white, green, and gold are plastic snaps, foam padding, and binding tape.


Subaru's drawing (2011-2013 Legacy):


Subaru's drawing (2011-2013 Outback):


The antenna cords cross from the HU under the driver's seat, then back inside the door sill forward towards the left kick panel, up the A pillar, and finally above the roof liner back to the antenna and FM booster amplifier.

More pictures and info to come later (this is part of a larger project to identify the various shorter feeder cords that connect to the HU).
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