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Help to Identify 2 things under the steering wheel.

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Hello to all,

For the past two days I was messing under my steering wheel, connecting stuff and trying to figure out why my windows wont go up automatically when car is locked :spin:


There are two things I bumped into, and interested what they are:


Right next to the fuse panel there is a relay panel, what are those relaying and what is missing, I know the top one is for the side blinkers.




Second thing is this, What is this ?





Thank You !

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Check out the service manual. The info should be in there. Make sure your in the right section for your car. All models are in the same book.

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I can't guarantee the accuracy of the relay layout diagram, but here's what I was able to find. It looks like the heated seat relay, and the wiper deicer relay are missing.


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