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Resurrect Subie Wan Kenobi

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I just used electrical tape over the old stuff, which, is essentially cheap electrical tape. :lol: There are colors to choose from, as well!



Hahahaha gotta do what you gotta do.


I went to Summit Racing and they had the expensive brand or they have their own brand which was way cheaper. And worked just as well. The sleeves are split in the middle so it's relatively easy to do. and I figured black wasn't too fancy. No rice looking stuff.


If anyone does this in the future, it's called sleeving wire wrap. You will need;


6ft of 3/4" Summit Racing P/N 890342

10ft of 1/2" P/N 890341

20ft of 1/4" P/N 890340

And a ton of small zip ties.


All together it cost me $48. Opposed to the $150 for the expensive name brand stuff.


On some spots where the sleeving didn't go all the way around, I just double wrapped.

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I haven't seen anything that looks like that, that I remember, but I haven't really looked at much of the intake manifold either. Until I get my new silicone lines and my TGV delete

"Build" Thread <--Link

(OLD) '05 EJ255 now a '13 EJ257 Bottom End w/D25 heads (NEW)

Forever Slow


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Wrapped my headers and sprayed them with silicone for heat wrap. Summit racing had a kit for a $100 with 100 ft of wrap silicone and the metal zip ties. IO also picked up a bunch of fitting for the fuel set up. All I need for the fuel system is the SS braided lines. I'm ordering those from XRP and going with the PTFE line.

I also picked up my Derale thermostat for my AUX tranny cooler since I am getting the mishimoto radiator. I'll be running a temp gauge with this so i can keep tabs on the tranny temps.

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Put the engine back in yesterday. Then found out I put the engine mounts on wrong. Just got to swap them.






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I machined a bracket for the fuel pressure regulator and installed fuel lines.






My spot of choice





And the fuel lines.


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wow been some time since ive posted let alone finish this thread about my build. so to bring everyone up to speed.

the build was great. there are a few differences i made after going to the tuner out in Pittsburgh. the GFB show off valve is poop. went to turbosmart.

did a moderate tune of 305 hp. pumped and happy about it. its a sleeper that muscle cars are embarrassed by.


the biggest downfall ive had with this build was the turbo. i went with the BNR 18G and im not dogging or bashing Brian at BNR. but i should have gone with a more "name brand" turbo. the turbo itself is leaking oil after a few years, so im guessing a seal went bad. theres some (more than some) oil around the turbo itself and some in the IC. thats okay we build and we learn!


the day i took the car to get tuned the power steering pump went out so that was a fun hour and a half drive to PA. i honestly never fixed it and i muscled through the steering wheel to this day. the car has been parked for about 2 years now. im planning on fixing the power steering and replacing the turbo and get a retune. but i have to say my favorite upgrade to this car was the suspension. this thing handles like a gokart! took it to get aligned and i went with a 1/4 inch toe. and omg this thing just rips around corners!


i know i dumped so info fast and was not thorough but i plan on getting back into this addiction and posting again soon.



Also i have been getting some inquiries about the rear diff bushings that i made.


i have been unreliable about making them for members in the past and i apologize! we all go through some crap and it happened to be my time for crap. so im going to make about 10 sets of those and have them on hand within 2-3 months. just bare with me as im a busy dude right now. hope you guys are still killing the scene out there with these badass cars that the common man has no idea about! God speed my friends.

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