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AccessPort v1/v2/v3 vs Opensource?


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I've got an old school Accessport (v1), can you e-tune it? is it worth upgrading to a v2 or v3? And since i'm on the topic is opensource better/worse? What's easier if i decide to head down to your shop instead of etune? Pros/Cons of all of the above? I just like to see the knowledge in text ;)

Hopefully my motor will be installed... soon...

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V1's are no longer supported by Cobb. So custom tuning with them is out of the question whether it be in person or e-tune.


We are Cobb ProTuners and we also offer OpenSource tuning, in person only. Either method works fine for us.


The AP is a cool little device if you want to make diagnostics a touch easier, no need to fumble around with a laptop to log. Built in code reader. Easy map switching for those that use different fuels. Easy to adjust launch control settings. We personally feel their speed density conversion is a lot better, but that's something I wouldn't worry about till your in the 500's for power.


What we can do if you have an AP is send you a break in map to make that process easier on you.

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