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Spt intake


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Hey guys, car novice here, purchased my my car recently.


I was upset to find a mod(the spt intake) but shook it off since it was a subaru part and could have been installed by dealer.


Well I've done some reading and found that you dont clean the filter you replace them and a heatshield was sold seperately.


Judging by the picture can you guys confirm there is no heatshield installed, also the filter is obviously not blue anymore-does this mean its time for a replacement?


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Thanks. Ive heard its bad too after looking around online, I'm going to call my local subaru dealer tomorrow to see if they can order in a stock airbox...if thats even possible.


I don't like intakes as a mod, I bet I would have more bottom end torque if the stock airbox was still on.


But If I can't get a hold of a stock airbox, I'm going to have to do something about the intake.


Ive got a big 3 inch ebay exhaust installed right now, with the invidia catless downpipe sitting in the garage. No uppipe cat, its an 08.


My plan was turboback+tune, assuming I can't get a stock airbox, would it make more sense to get a new filter/heatshield(~110$) or a new aftermarket intake(~250-315$)?


Is the spt really that bad, even with a tune?


And on another note, Ive read that too much air could be dangerous with a catless turboback(ill have 0 cats when I put on the dp) causing boost spike or creep. True? Thoughts?


EDIT: ok first 2 replys have said the spt is really bad, thats enough for me to part ways with it

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If you really cant find a used air box (or new if you want to spend the money) then just get something a little more reliable like the Cobb intake ($195?) and have it tuned with that intake and your downpipe. With the tune you will proble be ok.
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IMO, the stock intake setup is great until you upgrade injectors/turbo/fuel pump. It's a very good set up and gives you close to ambient IAT's when driving. I recommend going back to stock, even with the mods you have planed.
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