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Flickering Stereo & Non-working set/info button


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I just got an '08 Spec B and it has two minor electronic issues.


First, the display on the stereo and climate control flickers. Sometimes it will stay off for a while, sometimes it will stay on for a while. There doesn't seem to be a pattern. The audio still works and most of the time, the controls still work (I think they stopped working once, but I can't recreate that condition.)


Second, the info/set button on the left steering wheel control set doesn't seem to work. I'm assuming it's supposed to do things like reset the trip odometer or set the clock, but it doesn't seem to do anything.


Has anybody seen these issues? Think they're easily fixed? Is there another way to reset the trip odometer?



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My info button doesn't work either on my steering wheel. I also have an option in my information center looks like this "--:--" and don't know what it does. Any update on this? Only way to reset my trips are using the old school push pin on the dash.
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