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Finally got my OBXT!


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Hey guys, wanted to post up my OBXT. I will start with a bit of a story on how I came to want this car first.


First off, I have been a Honda guy since the mid 90's, but when Subaru release the WRX at the end of 01' I had wanted one more than any Honda. So, I ended up picking up an 02' WRX sedan and just fell in love. BUT my love for what you can do with a Subaru was limited with my sedan. My wife had an 03' Forester and I liked the extra room that was available in the back. So, from there I decided I wanted to get a wagon. I found an 05' WRX wagon not to far from me that needed some love. I picked that up, got everything working and running. Got that car to over 300whp and drove it for a bit. I loved the car but there just still didn't seem to be enough room. I fish a lot and love to do weekend trips with the family(wife and 2 kiddos). So I sold off the wrx wagon, sold the last Honda, and here I am with my 06' OBXT. I am a black car kinda guy so this one was no different. Black on black leather Limited manual trans. I am also a one of those guys who can't leave ANYTHING alone! LOL! So, I have had the car a week and here is the list of parts I have already gathered


**List edited 10-13-15**


-Torque Solutions short shifter

-Torque Solutions F&R shifter bushings

-Group N trans mount

-TIC cross member bushings

-Redline fluids

-Moore Performance Blast Plates



-Whiteline F&R sway bars

-AVO rear sway braces

-Whiteline rear lower control arms

-Feal Suspension 441 coilovers 6k Front 8k rear

-Whiteline front lower control arm bushings

-Enkei RPF1 17x9 +35

-Bridgestone RE760 245/45/17

-Wilwood front calipers

-Wilwood BP-10 pads

-Brakeswap.com front slotted LGT rotors

-Brakeswap.com Wilwood mount kit

-LGT rear calipers

-Stoptech slotted rear rotors

-Hawk HP+ rear pads

-Stoptech brake fluid



-EJ257 block halves

-New STI nitrated crank

-ACL Race bearings with MicroBlue coating

-Pauter X-beam rods

-Manley 99.5mm pistons

-New 11mm STI oil pump

-Killer B oil pickup

-Killer B oil baffle

-Killer B oil pan external powder coated with clear coat

-ARP headstuds

-07' STI V25b heads ported and blended

-Cosworth valve springs

-Cosworth retainers

-Supertech valves

-Gates blue timing belt kit

-TGVs deleted and ported

-Crawford V2 AOS

-AP equal length header ceramic coated and heat wrapped

-Grimmspeed ceramic coated EWG uppipe

-Grimmspeed downpipe ceramic coated and heat wrapped

-Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate 14psi

-Turbo XS fmic pipes powder coated wrinkle black

-Tial Q bov

-KS Tech 73mm intake with heat shield powder coated wrinkle black

-AVO turbo inlet w/3" turbo side

-ATP GT3076R w/TR3030R billet compressor wheel

-GMS 3" exhaust for LGT modded tips for OBXT powder coated high temp matte black

-Cobb V3 AccessPort



-DW300c 340lph fuel pump

-FIC 1100cc topfeed injectors

-FIC conversion fuel rails

-6an black fuel lines

-Aeromotive fpr in black

-Russel -6an fittings in black



-6000k 35w HIDs

-trimmed, painted, and blacked out OBXT grill

-Modded front bumper for FMIC (Thanks to Kongzilla for showing the way)



On to the few pics I have right now. I will post some more later this week.







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Probably gonna go Blouch Dom 2.5xtr or ATP GT3076r


Cool! Snow should be coming, hopefully you don't have rear end side-to-side issues most of these have. Also, there is a kick-ass alignment shop in Kzoo. Look up Foreign Car Services. The shop owner is an ex-factory Porsche mechanic and does legendary chassis service.

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Cool! Snow should be coming, hopefully you don't have rear end side-to-side issues most of these have. Also, there is a kick-ass alignment shop in Kzoo. Look up Foreign Car Services. The shop owner is an ex-factory Porsche mechanic and does legendary chassis service.


It does have a weird rear end sway but that's why I bought the Whiteline rear sway bar.

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congrats for entering the rabbit hole! I am sure in 6 mos you will be deeeeep in it like the rest of us obxt nuts..:)


Rabbit hole?.... Bro, I have been in there since I could drive!! LOL! This is why I have never smoked, don't do any drugs, and rarely get a beer! My extra spending money goes into my cars. I am a little worried about this one though as this is the first time in 10+ years that I only have one car to put my money into. My daily driver is paid for through my work.

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I would. Gotta take the dp out to do the uppipe anyways.


Yeah, that's why I am just gonna wait. Also, I am going to ceramic coat the uppipe and downpipe before I install them. Just gotta decide on what color ceramic to use on them. I have a few colors to choose from in stock. My Invidia dp for my wrx I ceramic coated blue but I didn't like it. It just didn't look right when you looked under the hood and saw it. Probably just stick with either a matte or gloss black for these ones. IDK yet

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Torque Solutions short shifter is in, Accessport is in and mounted, OTS Stage 1 93oct map is loaded until I get the up and dp installed, few new pics, and found a couple things that need to be addressed asap.

-boost doesn't go past 7psi. Pretty sure it's the factory ebcs. I have an AEM Tru Boost gauge type controller to fix that

-oil leak from pass side. Either valve cover gasket, oil cooler gasket, or both. Already have new ones just gotta put them on

-brakes SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Brembos as soon as this motor is done and in!

On to some new pics







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Also had a leak on the intercooler so I ordered a new one today. IIR still has a bunch of the Torque Solutions TMICs and for pretty cheap. Ordered one of those and an AVO throttle body hose to fix the fitment issues.
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So........... my Torque Solutions tmic, AVO throttle body coupler, Mr. Gasket seal, and t-bolt clamps came in and I proceeded with the install today. Definitely not a very good design on that intercooler! I DID get it installed and with no leaks though. It WILL be coming off as soon as Grimmspeed releases theirs though. Pics later tonight to tomorrow.
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