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front diff compatibility


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New here but totally new to subarus or cars in general. I had a kind of off the wall question. Long story short I just picked up a 98 LGT wagon with a thrown rod and no transmission. I snagged a JDM motorset and the new transmission does not have the front diff stub shafts so when they yanked this motor out of the donor car they didn't remove the roll pins or just cut the CV axles like some do. I need a set of stub shafts for a 96-98 4EAT for the EJ25D. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the splines for the shafts inside the diff and the front axles are the same when it comes to all of the 4EAT transmissions or do I have to specifically find the 4.44 ratio automatic from the 2.5's?


Thanks for the help, I'm looking forward to getting this project on the road, been itching to get back into a Subaru.

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