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Ok, the Deadbolt is a pretty nice setup, ran a little low on the power but made up for it in the torque level. Ran into some problems with the wastegate controller not holding the boost though.

290.98hp and 325.38tq at the tires, so about 360hp and 400lbft at the crank! Redline set at 7200, but after first gear not worth holding after 5800 to 6000 rpms, but first gear is so fast you gotta shift at 7000rpms. Second is ok, but then you start to feel it drop off in power, will post dyno graph when I get a scanner on someones computer since mine is still not working. Feels like a big block pushing you into the seat, and man 100mph comes up so freakin fast.

The lightweight flywheel and clutch, give instant revability that the car never had, the car is so much easier to launch, and drive on a daily basis now. The flywheel stock, felt like it was about 40lbs, just rediculous. For the clutch and flywheel alone and how it makes the car drive, I recommend at least get this mod right away.

This setup is nice for good safe power that will not overload and blow driveaxles and trannies. Dan's is now the shop to get it done, since he knows all the ins and outs of the car now! Also needed a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, that Dan hooked up like it was a stock piece on the vehicle.

From what I have seen this really is about the limit you want to push it without going overboard on the car and requiring major upgrades. The idle was a little ruff, but the rest of the car was silk smooth, and for a 2.5L to run like that ain't bad. This was one upgrade worth waiting for, and highly recommended.

Oh yeah, full boost is at 20lbs at about 4500rpms, and holds up to 17.5 at redline, total power starts to really drop at about 5800rpms! The boost gathers up and feels like stage 2 cobb with a catless up-pipe, but then just continues to pull much harder from 3000rpms and up, so no more boost lag, or actually even less then before, and slip clutch launches really plant you in the seat.

Dan is coming out with his own front mount intercooler, cause the Perrin, was barely able to handle the heat from the new turbo, so after a couple of hard pulls on the street, you start to feel the power falling off, so full on track running with this setup will overheat things a bit, but for everyday driving or racing from a couple of stop lights is no problem, and he has the car running a bit rich just to keep it all safe so there will be no problems.

Now remember I have Borla Headers, PDM up-pipe, Perrin Downpipe, Catless full 3" mendrel bent exhaust out to two 2.5" Borla mufflers, so not street legal setup, and don't forget two resonnators. Perrin top mount, Perrin Turbo inlet, Perrin panel filter, and finally Perrin lightwieght crank pulley!

Car under normal driving feels like as if it came from the factory this way!